Jul 01 2013

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Paypal Booster Professional – Is It A Scam?

Paypal Booster Professional Review

Wondering if Paypal Booster Professional is the magical product that can actually turn your Paypal account into a cash machine or is it just another online scam.I will share my experience with it and let you be the judge.

I  purchased this particular program, or what ever the f**k you call this garbage, at Nerdbux, a PTC site that was abandoned by Tim Tech and handed over to well know PTC serial scammer, Jeffrey Johnson. I purchased from someone who seemed to be respected in the traffic exchange industry, Wiliam Miller, owner of  Surf Skeleton. However, I don’t really have much respect for him after purchasing this so-called product.

What Is Paypal Booster Professional?

Paypal Booster Professional, Paypal Booster Pro, PTC Income Booster, or whatever bulls**t name someone decides to give to it, are all nothing more than a quick buck scheme. Basically, it is just an outlined plan to sell an outlined plan. And it is targeted at PTC users. Upon receiving my little Paypal Booster Professional package,this is what I found inside the zip file:

Paypal Booster Pro Zip File Contents

Bonus  – This contained 2 pdf files.One titled “Unleash The Power Of Banner Advertising” and the other titled “The Problem With Using A Banner Rotator Inside A Banner Rotator”.They are both filled with banner knowledge and insights from Milo – The Banner Monkey and are nothing more than an atttempt by Mr. Miller to promote the Banner Monkey website.

Capture Pages  – This folder contained one capture page and 2 sales pages for Paypal Booster Professional.See images below. The first broken image was a .jpg with arrows and I assume some text encouraging people to submit their email.The second broken image was a Get Instant Access .jpg.Neither of these image files were included in the zip file.

Paypal Booster Professional Capture Page Here is the sales page number.Look familiar?Paypal Booster Professional Sales Page

Main Product and Guide - This consisted of 2 folders.One an MS Word document and one a PDF file.Both are nothing more than an outlined plan on how to use PTC sites to sell Paypal Booster Professional.

New Version HTML Code - Basically,the code you that you are instructed to copy and paste inside the Blogger HTML editor.

Old Version HTML Code - An older and crappier version of the new HTML code. Tools Can’t scheme people out of money without the necessary tools,can you?Well,this folder didn’t have anything but a few .jpg files that you need to sell this garbage.

Paypal Booster Professional Paypal Earnings Statement Paypal Booster Professional Gmail Account   money-back-guaranteesatisfaction-guaranteednew-special-offerpaypal-button

The Paypal Booster Professional Plan

Paypal Booster Professional was created by Gheorghe Cena,an internet marketer from Romania and here is his outlined plan to “turn your Paypal account into a cash machine.” Firstly,he tells you,if you don’t have one,sign up for a Paypal account.

Step 1 - Walks the reader through the sign up process for a Blogger account and also how to use the HTML code found in the package to set up the website.

Step 2 - In this section,Gheorghe teaches the reader how to set up an account and start a campaign to advertise Paypal Booster Professional. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to recruit new downline members for Neobux.

Step 3 – This is pretty much nothing but referral links for 2 more reputable PTC sites and a few traffic exchanges.

Final Thoughts On Paypal Booster Professional

After purchasing this and reviewing the content, I went from being really excited to insane with rage.So, instead of chalking up the $3 as a loss,I went and made a support ticket over at Surf Skeleton giving Mr. Miller a very angry piece of my mind.Also,I made a post about the experience and slammed him and actually added a link to the material and was basically giving Paypal Booster Professional away for free.Even though I didn’t ask for it,Mr Miller did refund the purchase.I made an apology to him but I dont think he accepted it.I cant blame him.I was kind of harsh.He actually has a link to it on his website Click here to see it.

He tells visitors that out of all of his sales of Paypal Booster Professional he has only had one refund.

This so-called product is total horses**t! I Never bothered even trying to use this s**t to make money.I am sure that many have and many more will.You might be able to make a few quick bucks with this garbage but, in my opinion, this is not how you want to make money online.This “product” has no real content.Just some images and an outlined plan to prey on PTC users or anyone looking to make money online.

Save yourself the $5 ,$3 or whatever the hell these soulless fu**ing trolls are selling this crap for. Find a real product to promote or sell.

Actually, you can sign up for a free Payspree and earn commissions for promoting Paypal Booster Professional or choose from many other REAL products and services that aren’t total crap like Paypal Booster ProfessionaLpissin on the donks

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  1. Cathy

    HI I believe you have my email and I would really appericate you contacting me I also bought this product and tells me who I pd to but can’t figure out where to go from there excitement of fast money I should know better but I purchased I googled this paypalbooster proffesional and found you on it ThankGod I got ripped off but good part is I wont dishonor fellow marketers now my last thing I would want to do I want to thank you for posting this I hate assholes like this all the few bucks add up and before you know a scam artist is bringing in quite alot of money so glad I read this before advertising
    Thank You So Much for help keeping me the honest person I am and want to continue to be if possible can you email me to email these people and get my money back too I looked for the name my paypal sent me I pd and cant find a email or anything
    Thank You Again

    1. badabean615

      Done.I admire and respect your decision to NOT peddle this garbage like the thousands of other soulless fu**ing trolls out there selling this.I am here for you if you need me.I’ll help any way I can.Just let me know.Take care and thanks for reading.

  2. drmi

    I’ve been wondering what the hell this system was since they offer no real info. on how it works. Thanks for posting this so that I and others now know that we would really be paying for nothing.

    1. badabean615

      You’re welcome.Just glad Google has been kind.I want this to reach as many as possible so that people don’t fall victim to petty scams like this.

  3. Loretta

    Thank you for your blog, I purchased the product, but the download never happened. After reading your blog, I am glad that it didn’t. This product is not worth the time and energy it would have taken to promote this junk all over the web.

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